Information is what the educational experience is all about. Visual information catches the easily distracted eyes of students and deliver relevant information: from classes schedule and school sports, to lunch menus or campus bus locations.

Industry specific challenges:

  • Students access to latest high tech gadgets generates a lack of interest in traditional methods of teaching;
  • The emergence of new classes in schools and the need for interactivity for the old classes;
  • Competition in the education market because of the emergence of private education system and the continuous improvement of the educational system in the existent schools.

IQboard results approach:

  • Updates of university life through the Visual Management feature, differentially on displays or groups of displays:
    • Share news, details and updates of campus news (events, sports, classes),
    • Spotlight important deadlines,
    • Help students and visitors navigate the campus;
  • Efficient meetings thanks to the Interactive Meeting feature that transforms educational meetings (classes, teachers meetings, presentations, seminars etc.) into intuitive hightech experiences that allow users to use their smartphones to:
    • Choose the meetings to attend,
    • Upload files to present and create screens for the meetings,
    • Intervene on items in the screen using the finger as a cursor on the smartphone touchscreen (display information, turn over documents, zoom in/out, click on links, web browsing).

Class info:

IQboard_EDUCATION_Classroom_Class-info– class materials
– helpful graphics, charts and images
– videos promoting optional courses and educational products (specialisations, conferences, congresses, books etc.)…

General info:

IQboard_EDUCATION_Laboratory_General-info– access to student accounts for grades and attendance check
– online multiple choice tests and quizzes
– images of projects carried out in the laboratory
– access to additional data needed for the projects…


Laboratory info:

IQboard_EDUCATION_Laboratory_Laboratory-info– sketches and instructions of products to be made in the laboratory
– images of the products carried out during the lab
– guidance and “how to” videos
– videos promoting optional courses and educational products (specialisations, conferences, congresses, books etc.)
– university TV station (broadcast during breaks)…


General info:

IQboard_EDUCATION_Library_General-info– book borrowing procedures
– library space usage rules
– university news: courses, scholarships, honor students, teachers, awards and recognitions
– advertising videos of manuals and books…


IQboard_EDUCATION_Library_Infokiosk– access to books database: areas, titles, authors, shelf, book availability etc.)
– access to library subscribers status (borrowed books, returned books etc.)
– online access to additional information required in the projects…


Teachers info:

IQboard_EDUCATION_Teachers-office– classes schedule and allocated classrooms
– university map, with classrooms and labs
– teachers, photos and specialisations
– school or other TV stations
– weather forecast, clock, exchange, RSS feeds, school ads…


Parking info:

IQboard_EDUCATION_Parking– access rules: hours, areas, restrictions
– university, schools and campus access map
– videos of educational products and programs
– useful info: campus schedule, various papers…

Waiting area info:

IQboard_Healthcare_Waiting-room– order number and access rules
– documents required in various occasions
– school and campus map, access, schedule
– videos of classes, extracurricular activities…

Campus info:

IQboard_EDUCATION_Campus– school and campus maps, directions etc.
– videos of classes, extracurricular courses, campus
– top students, optional classes and trainings
– campus schedule, various papers, teachers…


Cash desk info:

IQboard_EDUCATION_Dining-room_Cash-desk-info– new products advertising
– day menu/ offer, payment methods
– videos of menus, new products, nutritional values
– classes, educational programs, students benefits…

General info:

IQboard_EDUCATION_Dining-room_General-info– day menu/ offer
– access rights, schedule, payment methods
– videos of menus, new products, nutritional values
– classes, educational programs, students benefits…