IQboard is a complex enterprise platform for aggregating, consolidating, processing and distributing data in various areas and covering all industry specifics.

By using IQboard, you can promote, launch, distribute media content (promotions, new products, marketing campaigns) throughout a retail or hospitality chain, or standardize information and communicate with your state holders in education or healthcare environments.

IQboard is the most ambitious platform that is already prepared for the new digital era, where everything around us will be data driven, mixing revolutionary internet of things resources in a way that will improve our lives, both personal and business.

Sensors, machines, online surveys, consumer interactions can all be integrated as a valuable resource in information analysis and distribution. All this underlying information analysis to make the best decision.


Create Users, Introduce Displays and Assign Roles

After the complete IQboard implementantion within your company and training of your employees, your IT Responsible creates users (with password login), introduces devices into the application and group them in devices groups, and assigns roles to every user (on devices or groups of devices). All these through a very user friendly administration module interface!


Create Screens and Assign them to Displays

From your user account, you decide what information to play on each of your assigned displays, in layouts at your choice. Create screens and assign them to your displays, to distribute valuable data (ERP, HR, WMS, Logistics, Timekeeping), videos, dynamic text, images, PDFs, graphics, RSS and websites at the same time. Right from your PC screen, through any browser! 


Display Screens on the Displays

Once you create screens and assign them to the displays, IQboard automatically updates the displays and plays your screens according to your timelines. Everything is already scheduled by you, so you can do your other tasks and forget about displays management till you have some new information you want to display on one of more of your assigned screens!



Factories with a large number of employees and high tech equipment


Training Centers
Educational hubs

IQboard-Healthcare Healthcare

Health centers
Private Hospitals
Analysis Laboratories
Sports Centers

IQboard-Retail Retail & Hospitality

Shopping centers

IQboard-Enterprise Enterprise

Private offices
with or without branches
in various locations  

IQboard-Public-Sector Public Sector

Government facilities
Community centers
Parks, parking
Law Court


Internet-of-ThingsInternet of Things

Advanced connectivity of devices, systems and sensors

Interactive-meetingsInteractive meeting

Meetings tranformed into intuitive hightech experiences

Data-ManagementData standardisation

Implementation of data collection procedures

Cross-Platform-CompatibilityCross-platform implementation

Microsoft, Android, Apple, Linux platform compatibility

Integrated-connectorsIntegrated connectors

ERP, CRM, Document, Warehouse and HR Management Systems

Digital-SignageDigital signage

Versatile content screens alocated to various displays through timeline

Easy-customisationEasy customisation

Very intuitive drag & drop customisable user dashboard

Single-point-remote-managementOne point remote management

Solution web managed by any allocated user

Real-time user-display interactivity

Great managed content-displays timing

Hardware-in-optimal-budgetHardware in optimal budget

Efficient and effective hardware for any business


Endless possibilities

Complex solution
Digital signage software solution, with Interactive Meeting and Visual Management extra features for various industries, in standard and custom packages
Technical compatibility 
Various document formats (pdf, doc, xls, jpg, AV, RSS, URL) and applications (ERP, HR, WMS, Logistics, Timekeeping) as content source
Various displays
Large format, standard and industrial displays or tablet PCs, any of these is compatible with the solution, your needs and your budget
Complete implementation 
Software solution, hardware equipment, complete implementation and training, all in one pack and without any effort on your part

Interactive Meetings Module

IQboard Meeting is an interactive meeting module of IQboard that facilitates the display of digital content and allows to control it directly from user’s smartphone, through the native mobile app developed on iOS, Android and BlackBerry mobile platforms.

Designed for presentations, meetings and appointments where attendees need to share information on the same screen – whether TV or video projector – in order to present it to the audience. With IQboard Meeting module installed on the smartphone, you can display and manipulate documents on the TV with simple gestures performed on the your smartphone touchscreen, that serves as a remote control.

Just great for business and education, two areas where presentations, meetings and appointments are common and audience attention is increasingly difficult to maintain through the usual means of presentation.



Best devices, enclosures and mountings for your company needs and budget


Android Tablets

  • size: any (7-12″)
  • brand: any
  • connection: Wi-Fi/ 3G
  • charging: continous/ daily


Business Displays

  • size: 10″-85″, +/- touch screen
  • colour: black, white
  • brand: both consumer brands with additional controllers, and NEC and Samsung professional displays without the need for additional HW and SW (PCs, licences etc.)


Enclosures & Mountings

  • size: any
  • colour and texture: any, +/- your logo
  • fastening system: molded, totem or with foot
  • security: lock or allen screw
  • industrial enclosures with cooling or heating system, for harsh industrial work environments  

You’ll Get Everything You Need

no matter what is the option that suits you

IQboard-software-iconComplex software solution developed by Qualteh inovative team
IQboard-hardware-iconBest hardware for your company needs and budget
IQboard-implementation-iconComplete implementation into your company environment
IQboard-training-iconProfessional training and documentation for your employees


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